Free access to the platform? Yes, you read that right.

VetTutor is seeking veterinary students and vets from across the UK and afar to test out our amazing e-learning platform, all completely for free! We have an extremely limited number of places.




How Does Question Bank Testing Work?


Today to be a tester and then complete all of the questions within the mini survey.


If you are selected to become a VetTutor Question Bank tester, we will contact you via email/telephone and you will then be given access to the Question Bank to test and review.


Send us your review for the question bank - we would love to know your thoughts!


You get to keep the Question Bank free of charge for 6 months!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, it is completely free to use. VetTutor has and never will charge for services advertised as complimentary. Our website will also stay completely free of annoying pop-ups and intrusive banners. Hurrah!

Your details are safe and will never be sold to any other person or company.

Students love free products! We’ll be honest – providing free access to the Question Bank is a great way for us to advertise our products and services. However, it’s a chance for us to gain feedback about what students like, or don’t like about the platform.You will have the opportunity to inform the design of new products and services. We’re a student-centric company and we take all feedback into consideration. You get to give the Qbank a test run, and if you’re a fan, you’re likely to share your opinion with your friends – a double win for everyone!

Due to the vast number of applicants wishing to become a Qbank tester, some applicants will unfortunately be unsuccessful. Don’t fret! Check out VetTutor Question of the Day instead. VetTutor’s Question of the Day is a FREE service that gives you access to our clinical and preclinical questions. Sign up and you’ll be emailed a high yield mock exam question every weekday alongside a detailed explanation. An exciting way to sample contents from our cutting-edge learning platform prior to its release. And of course, subscribers can unsubscribe at any time! All subscribers will receive a special early bird discount to use when we officially launch on the 7th January 2023.